Balanced Equal Treatment for Animals (B.E.T.A.)


Central Valley Horse and Small Animal Sanctuary

B.E.T.A., our non-profit organization, and Central Valley Horse and Small Animal Sanctuary, our shelter, was founded in 2005. We care for animals that no one else will care for. We provide food, shelter, rehabilitation, medical care, and adoption services for animals that are unwanted, abandoned or neglected. Horses will only be adopted out if they are rideable. Otherwise they will live out their lives at the sanctuary.


Volunteers donate their time to feeding, exercising, and grooming the animals as well as facility maintenance, fundraising, public education and special events. Most important, our volunteers provide daily love and attention for those animals awaiting adoption.


B.E.T.A. adoption service strives to find new caring homes for animals sheltered at the Sanctuary. Potential adopters are screened, and an effort is made to match the animal with a compatible new owner. Site checks are made as well as follow up visits. B.E.T.A achieves results with the help of our volunteers and the generosity of private and corporate sponsors, (There are no salaries paid).


We appreciate your support. By making a contribution, you help the Sanctuary rescue more animals and move closer each day to a more humane future. Members provide almost 90% of our annual budget. Your donations support media outreach, public awareness and humane education projects, and direct rescue and shelter efforts.


You can be an active participant in the Sanctuary's rescue and protection efforts. B.E.T.A. has many opportunities for dedicated people who want to lend a helping hand to animals. Whether it's organizing a walk-a-thon in your community, doing a one-month shelter internship, there is something for everyone who wants to do their part.


A contribution of $25.00 or more entitles you to a B.E.T.A./Central Valley Horse and Small Animal Sanctuary membership for one year. Members receive our annual newsletter.


The Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law and greatly appreciated! Please call us at 559-539-2836 for assistance or to make a donation by phone. Go to our Donations page if you wish donate via PayPal.

We are always available to answer questions or offer help.



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